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10 Ways to Earn money with t-shirts

10 Ways to Earn money with t-shirts

T-shirts are one of the most popular clothing items in the world. Not only are they comfortable and fashionable but they are also extremely versatile, allowing you to show off your personality and creativity. But did you know you can also earn money with t-shirts? Here are 10 great ways to put your tee to work and make money.

1. Selling Custom T-shirts: People love unique, one-of-a-kind t-shirts and are often willing to pay for them. If you have a talent for artistic design, you can create your own custom t-shirt designs and sell them on sites like Etsy, TeePublic, or Redbubble. You can also invest in a silkscreen printing machine to produce and package your own printed t-shirts.

2. Dropshipping: Dropshipping is another popular way to sell t-shirts without having to keep a large inventory of merchandise. You’ll need a platform to promote and sell your products on, such as Shopify or WooCommerce. Then, partner with a dropshipping supplier like printful or Printify, and they’ll take care of printing and shipping your shirts.

3. Online T-shirt Store: An online t-shirt store is another great way to make money off t-shirts. Just like any other store, you’ll need to create a brand, design your t-shirts and themes, then create and launch your store. You can use platforms like Shopify and Etsy to help you create and host your store.

4. Affiliate Programs: If you don’t want the hassle of setting up your own online shirt store, then affiliate programs might be for you. You can join an existing store's affiliate program, like Amazon Associates or Cafe Press, and make commission off of any purchases made from your link.

5. Fulfillment Services: If you’re looking for a more hands-off way to earn money from t-shirts, then you might want to utilize a fulfillment service. With this option, the service provider will take care of printing and shipping your t-shirts. All you have to do is design the shirts, upload your designs to the service provider, then promote them.

6. Licensing Your Designs: If you have artwork that you’d like to turn into t-shirts and make even more money, then consider licensing your designs. You can sell your artwork to manufacturers and they’ll pay you a royalty fee whenever they produce a shirt with your design.

7. Wholesale: Selling t-shirts in bulk is another way to make money. If you have access to a high-quality printing service, you can purchase the plain tees in bulk and then sell them in smaller batches with your own designs.

8. Fundraising: T-shirts are a great way to raise money for a cause or organization. You can work with a printing service, who can provide the bulk t-shirts, then sell the materials online, or through your social media channels, for a set price.

9. Merchandise: If you’ve built a following online or are an artist or musician, you can create t-shirts and other merchandise as a way to monetize your creativity. You can use a third-party such as SpreadShirt or customize your own design with Printful.

10. Design Contests: Many companies are always looking for new and unique t-shirt designs. Search websites such as DesignCrowd and 99Designs to find design contests that need submissions. Companies are often willing to pay big money for original designs.

There you have it! T-shirts are a great way to express yourself and your creativity while also making some extra money. With any of these 10 methods, you can turn your designs into real cash. Just remember that you’ll need to invest in quality materials and promotional services to help you succeed in the t-shirt making business. Good luck and happy t-shirt making!



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